14 6 / 2012

The Mitsubishi Electric American Foundation (MEAF) is funding ASAN’s Autism Campus Inclusion Summer Institute leadership Training, which is awesome and restores my faith in big companies.


Sadly, a group  of anti-vaccine wackos are making an e-mail campaign to stop said funding :(

**WARNING**: Very triggery text full of straw-man fallacies….i wish i could sum it up, so you don’t have to read it, but my english isn’t great to begin with, and the anger isn’t helping with my coherence :(

 Mitsubishi Funds Group that Opposes Preventing or Curing Autism

At the end of the text they give the e-mail adresses of the “important people” of Mitsubishi…please, write to them, giving your support

Note: i’m using the actuallyautistic tag, because i have a high suspiction that i’m on the spectrum.